Sportstender Ep. 8: Scott Young Interview

March 6, 2014

Scott Young is an accomplished professional bartender out of Vancouver, B.C. and is the founder of, and, as well as the author of 199 Ways to Increase Your Tips. In this interview, we discuss his book, what it takes to become an exceptional bartender, why bartending is the best job in the world, his custom designed staff training seminars, the various aspects and benefits of flair bartending, what it was like working at the Playboy Mansion, the importance of exceptional customer service, and his love for the game of golf.


Sportstender Ep. 7: John Brooks Interview

March 3, 2014

John Brooks is the owner of Brooks Home Improvement and is a writer with, but more notably, John is the father of two young accomplished wrestlers out of Hagerstown, Maryland (USA) – Isaiah and Aaron Brooks. In this interview, we discuss the basic rules of wrestling, the national ranking process, the pressures of youth sports, the importance of education and building character in young athletes, wrestling as an Olympic sport, the dangers of weight cutting, and Aaron’s life since breaking the Guinness World Record for bench pressing at the age of nine.


Sportstender Ep. 6: Bernie O’Donohue Interview

January 29, 2014

Bernie O'Donohue is the co-founder of See It. Protect It., as well as a traumatic brain injury survivor. In this interview, we discuss the horrific details of his own near-death experience, his personal motivation for starting the concept of See It. Protect It., what it's like to live each day with a brain injury, how we can educate our youth on concussion prevention, his growing belief in fate, joining forces with the Ontario Football Conference, and his amazing service dog, Roxy.


Sportstender Ep. 5: Frank Trivieri Interview

January 16, 2014

Frank Trivieri is the President of the Niagara Storm youth football organization. In this interview, we discuss the origins of the Niagara Storm, the rapid growth that the organization has experienced over the past year, recent coaching changes, the need for improved player safety, skill development, funding options, upcoming events, and the NFL playoffs. 


Sportstender Ep. 4: Matt Betzold Interview

January 10, 2014

Matt "Leg Breaker" Betzold is a professional mixed martial arts fighter who has learned to compete with only one leg. In this interview, we discuss many different aspects to Matt's life, such as how he lost his leg as a young boy, how he got involved in professional fighting, his Team USA grappling accomplishments, the difficulties he's had in finding willing opponents, his mannequin head collection, his advice on bullying, his dream to one day fight in the UFC, and fighting Anderson Silva (with a cast on his leg). Enjoy!  


Sportstender Ep 3: Evan Marriott Interview

January 8, 2014

Evan Marriott is famous for having been the star of FOX television's reality show "Joe Millionaire." In this interview, we discuss his rise and fall from stardom, Brock Lesnar, the UFC, Anderson Silva's broken leg, our own broken leg experiences, meeting former Heavyweight boxing champion Joe Frazier, Tim's Place and Momma D's Dungeon in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and the latest progress on his very first book. Enjoy! 


Sportstender Ep 2: Jake Bellamy Interview

January 2, 2014

Jake Champ Bellamy is an up-and-coming sportswriter with, as well as a media analyst and writer with the Ontario Football Conference (OFC). In this interview, we discuss youth football in Ontario, the comparison between amateur sports in both Canada and the USA, the NFL play-off picture, and the NHL Winter Classic between the Detroit Red Wings and the Toronto Maple Leafs. Enjoy!